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Raith offers innovative solutions for sub-10nm focused ion beam (FIB) nanofabrication, SEM-based electron beam lithography (EBL), large area SEM image capture, gas-assisted nanolithography, in situ nanomanipluation and nanoprofilometry. Raith’s proprietary FIB technology offers a wide range of ion species and elevates FIB based nanofabrication to a new level with highest selectivity and unsurpassed stability for automated wafer-scale patterning.

email: sales@raith.com


Materials you use every day… PANalytical’s mission is to enable people to get valuable insight into their materials and processes. Our customers can be found in virtually every industry segment, from building materials to pharmaceuticals and from metals and mining to nanomaterials. The combination of our software and instrumentation, based on X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy as well as pulsed fast thermal neutron activation (PFTNA), provides our customers with highly reliable and robust elemental and structural information on their materials and is applied in scientific research and industrial process and quality control.

PANalytical employs over 1,000 people worldwide. The company’s headquarters are in Almelo, the Netherlands. Fully equipped application laboratories are established in Japan, China, the US, Brazil and the Netherlands. PANalytical’s research activities are based in Almelo (NL) and on the campus of the University of Sussex in Brighton (UK). Supply and competence centers are located on two sites in the Netherlands: Almelo ( X-ray instruments) and Eindhoven (X-ray tubes), in Nottingham, UK (XRF applications and standards), in Quebec, Canada (fusion sample preparation) and in Boulder CO, US (near-infrared instruments).

PANalytical is active in all but a few countries of the world. This worldwide sales and service network ensures unrivalled levels of customer support.

The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

PANalytical is part of Spectris plc, the productivity-enhancing instrumentation and controls company.

email: Luis.Vital@panalytical.com

micro resist technology GmbH, Berlin

For 23 years, our company has been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative photoresists, special polymers and ancillary materials for micro- and nanolithography. Due to our highly specialized products we are a trusted supplier of global high-tech markets such as semiconductor industry, MEMS, optoelectronics, nanotechnology and other emerging technologies. Our distinctive competency is to offer our clients and partners tailor-made products and technological services and solutions. Furthermore, micro resist technology has become an esteemed partner for the international research community by developing novel photoresists and materials for latest lithography developments such as laser-direct writing, NIL or ink jet printing.

Please contact us at: info@microresist.de or : www.microresist.com


Since 1929, SOQUIMICA commercializes high quality laboratory equipment and provides highly specialized services to its customers.

We offer our clients the expertise of a qualified and experienced team, which enables support for the development of tailor-made solutions.

The equipment we sell and the services we provide allow our customers to enjoy the best solutions for various Applications (Chemical analyzes, Gas and liquid chromatography, Spectroscopy, Genomics, Life sciences, Laboratory Weighing, Industrial Weighing, Preparation of samples) and Industries (Environment, Forensics and Toxicology, Energy & Chemicals, Food Industry and Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry, Textile Industry, Inspection of products and materials testing, Clinical research, Refinery & Petrochemicals).

ScienTec Prevac

ScienTec, specialized in the distribution of rigorously selected scientific equipments (AFM microscope, Vacuum technology, NanoIndentation systems, Profilometers), has for mission to serve and assist French, Iberian and Nordic markets.

With more than 15 years experience in Nanotechnology, our sales engineers will help you to define the right tool and configuration, our application group will teach and help you run the machines and our after sales team will preventively maintain or repair your systems.

Your investment will be back up with a perfect combination of top level instruments with the know-how and tool expertise in the distribution.

By characterization at ScienTec we mean:
  -Atomic Fore Microscopy from CSInstruments
  -Vacuum Technology from PREVAC
  -NanoIndentation from Nanomechanics
  -SNOM and AFM+RAMAN from Nanonics
  -Digital Holography Microscopy from Lyncée Tec
  -Mechanical Profilometry from KLA Tencor
  -Optical profilometry
  -Thin Film thickness from Filmetrics
  -Accesories and SPM consumables with AppNano

Please contact us at: info@scientec.fr or : www.scientec.fr


PARALAB was founded in 1992 with its primary goal set on the distribution of scientific equipment for laboratory and industry, for measurement and control in the world of characterization of materials.
Today, Paralab is the reference company in this sector, additionally developing unique expertise in the area of ​​design and development of projects.
Paralab outstands by:

  • Offering the most complete range of laboratory equipment in Portugal;
  • Investing heavily in the best after-sales service, supported by a large team of professionals with deep knowledge of all analytical techniques we distribute;
  • Follow-up with customers from pre-sales to the final installation and operation of the equipment, providing global and integrated solutions.

Our main strength is the technical and scientific background of our human resources. The team includes graduates and post-graduates in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Electronic Engineering. This team, allows Paralab to successfully deal with all the projects in which is involved, and at the same time provide unequal customer training and after sales support.
Web: www.paralab.pt
E-mail: info@paralab.pt


Scienta Omicron, brings together the two leading innovators in Surface Science – the former VG Scienta and Omicron NanoTechnology.
We provide customized solutions and advanced technologies for fundamental research in surface science and nanotechnology in the fields of

  1. scanning probe microscopy
  2. electron spectroscopy,
  3. thin film deposition and
  4. tailored system and instrumentation solutions

These capabilities are available in customized solutions from one source with worldwide sales and service groups. We work with leading researchers around the world and our products are known for their outstanding performance. Scienta Omicron is part of the Scienta Scientific Group. For more information please visit www.scientaomicron.com.

For further Information please contact
Scienta Omicron GmbH
Limburger Str. 75
65232 Taunusstein, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 6128 987 0
mail: info@ScientaOmicron.com
Web: www.ScientaOmicron.com

HORIBA Scientific, part of HORIBA Group, provides an extensive array of instruments and solutions for applications across a broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements. HORIBA Scientific is a world leader in elemental analysis, fluorescence, forensics, GD-OES, ICP, particle characterization, Raman, spectroscopic ellipsometry, sulphur-in-oil, water quality and XRF. Our instruments are found in universities and industries around the world. Proven quality and trusted performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA Brand.

HORIBA provides service, such as nano-level micro-area analysis to support a wide range of research activities, from leading-edge scientific research to RD in a variety of industries.

Dias de Sousa

Dias de Sousa was founded in 1983 and become along 33 years the most important Portuguese distributor in the area of analytical and scientific instrumentation (sales, applications & services).  

We are a company certified according to the latest standards of ISO 9001.  

Our mission is be a serious partner, providing genuine solutions in our area in order to ensure full satisfaction of our customers' needs. 

We distribute a large number of well world known manufactures, that can be founded at:

  1. -        www.dias-de-sousa.pt/sa (website)
  2. -        ds@dias-de-sousa.pt  (general e-mail address) 
  3. -        +351 219 533 120 (telephone Lisbon) and +351 229 028 063 (telephone Porto) 

Dias de Sousa, A Matter of Trust since 1983!!!

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